2014 Portland Bocce League Registration Meeting

Tuesday, March 18

Lucky Lab Pub, 1945 NW Quimby, Portland

6:00 – 8:30PM

Captains & Colleagues: Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to register your team for the 2014 season. On March 18th, The Lucky Lab – remember, it’s the one on NW Quimby – will provide a private room, plus no-host bar and food service, allowing us to enjoy some camaraderie along with our business.

Please note that a team captain (or a designated representative) MUST be present to register.  Miss this opportunity and your team risks losing its spot for the 2014 season.

Please come prepared for registration with a check payable to Portland Bocce League for $350. Registration for returning teams may be completed any time between 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Additional registration will take place from 7:00 – 7:30 p.m.  From 7:30 – 8:30 p.m., we will introduce the newly-elected board members and present the outcomes of the 2014 PBLA Captain’s Meeting, including new rules, league policies, and other information.

Registration will be prioritized as follows:

  1. At registration (from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.), returning teams have the first option to return to their prior year night of play.
  2. Following preliminary registration, returning teams have the first option to switch nights if there’s an opening (from 7:00 – 7:15 p.m.). If more than one team is interested in moving to an open slot on the same night, names will be drawn from a hat to determine order of registration.  Note that if there are no openings on a team’s preferred night, but an existing team would like to switch nights with that team, team capos may work out the switch independently.
  3. When all existing team changes have been made, if an existing league member wishes to split from their existing team and form a new team, they would have next priority of open available team slots (from 7:15 – 7:30 p.m.).
  4. Registration is then opened up to new teams (at 7:30 p.m.)

Looking forward to seeing you all on March 18th!

Portland Bocce League Board Meeting Minutes – January 29, 2014

Call to order: 5:31 PM by Adam Reese.

President: Adam Reese
Treasurer: Phil Schwyhart
Secretary: Cathy Blaszak
Member-at-large: Josh Rich
Webmaster: Glenn C. Devitt


2014 Budget Discussion:  Proposed 2014 budget was prepared by Treasurer Phil Schwyhart and presented for discussion.  A motion was put forth to approve the budget as presented (incorporating amendments agreed upon in discussions).  Motion passed.  Based on the budget forecast, a motion was put forth to increase team fees to $350 for the 2014 Season.  Motion passed.

Account Status:  As of our 2013 year-end statement, league account balance is $8,645.56.

2014 Portland Parks and Rec (PP&R) Court Use Fees:  As of PBLA Board meeting we have not heard back from PP&R regarding our court use fees for the 2014 Season.  Proposed reducing the reservation time by a half hour per night (6:00 to 8:30 or 5:45 to 8:15).  This should savings to the club of $300 or more, depending on the fee increase.

USBF Affiliation:  We will continue our affiliation with the USBF and pay the membership fee.

2014 Fundraising:  Based on the success of last year’s Harvest Wine Dinner raffle fundraiser, the Board will evaluate the feasibility of conducting a similar fundraiser in 2014 to benefit the West Court resurfacing project.  Prize and fundraiser specifics to be worked out in the coming months.



Website:  Glenn’s company Online& is redeveloping the PBLA website, with design guidance from Josh and Quoin Design.  This year, the league will require that team rosters include an email address for each player at the time of team registration.   To protect member contact information, PBLA will add SSL encryption (third party cost of approximately $100) to encrypt personal data submitted by capos and players.  The new design will save time and effort by reducing data entry for player, team, and game data.

PP&R Court Vicinity improvements:  Phil and Glenn attended PP&R “Budget Dialogue Meeting” in January 2014.  It was reported that PP&R has some additional funds in the budget this year, following years of budget cuts.  To reduce conflicts with basketball users, the Board proposed several improvements in the vicinity of the courts, including construction of a low fence surrounding the court areas and relocation of the basketball hoops to the far ends of the block (i.e. north/south ends of the existing north/south courts, respectively).  PP&R was receptive to the basketball hoop relocation request and may implement the improvement in the near future.  In addition, based on a conversation with Amanda Fritz at last year’s Finals Party, she suggested a change in the kind of light bulbs used at the courts might be helpful.  The Board will follow-up with PP&R to see if this is a possibility.

Expansion:  Phil has been in contact with Tualatin Hill Parks & Rec and reported they are considering rehab the courts at Cedar Hills Park with a target of 2015 completion.  At this time the courts are not fit for competitive play.  Phil offered PBLA advisement regarding court surface preferences, maintenance required, etc.  Jack Elder continues communications with the Portland Lawn Bowling Club in Westmoreland Park, investigating the possibility of a multi-sport tournament among the Pétanque, Lawn Bowling, and Bocce clubs.

Court Maintenance: The Board will contact past maintenance providers to evaluate their interest in providing court maintenance for PBLA for the 2014 season.

“Rules of Play” Signage:  The Board will evaluate the expense and necessity of drafting and procuring new “Rules of Play” signs for the courts, as discussed at the November 2013 PBLA Board meeting.  The existing signs are out-of-date, but the expense of replacement may not be warranted, as the rules are posted prominently on our website (and the majority of PBLA participants can simply access them at the courts via smartphones).



Proposed game format change:  A proposal to modify the nightly game format was discussed.  Rather than one game to 21 points, two games to 11 points would be played (within the same 80-minute timeframe).  Cathy will prepare a detailed proposal and submit it to the Tournament Committee.  Following Tournament Committee comment, the proposal will be presented via email to all capos so that they can evaluate and request team member input prior to the February 19th Capos meeting.  The proposed format change will then be debated and voted on at the Capo’s Meeting.

Captain’s Meeting Agenda:  Topics will include:  Role of Team Captain, Rules and Etiquette, Board and Committee Positions, Proposed Format Change, Regular Season and Playoff Schedule Dates, Park Blocks Court Improvements, West Court Resurfacing, and League Expansion.

Committee Reports:  Updates were provided by each committee chair, including: Tournament Committee (Adam), Expansion Committee (Josh), Maintenance Committee (Phil), and Finals Party Committee (Cathy).  No Rules Committee members were present; however, the idea of having a simple “Code of Conduct” was discussed.  A “Code of Conduct” will be drafted and presented to the Rules Committee for approval.

Meeting Adjourned:  7:25 PM

Submitted by:  Cathy Blaszak, PBLA Secretary.

Annual Capo’s Meeting Announced

Attention capos:  Please be sure that you received the January 13, 2014 email notification about the upcoming annual capos’ meeting.  If you did not receive it, please contact admin@portlandbocce.com ASAP.

Please note that this business meeting is for capos of 2013 teams only.  New teams will have an opportunity to sign up at the Registration Meeting in March.  Watch this space for more info.

Portland Bocce League Board Meeting Minutes – November 11, 2013

Call to order:  5:41 pm by Adam Reese


President:  Adam Reese

Treasurer:  Phil Schwyhart

Secretary:  Cathy Blaszak

Members-at-large:  Josh Rich, Jonathan Nicholas

Webmaster:  Glenn C. Devitt

Guests:  Frank Blaszak (Singles Tournament Coordinator), Becky Trullinger (Finals Party Committee), Jack Elder (Court Maintenance Committee), Brad Cotton, Frank and Susan Rudloff (Tournament Committee).

Treasurer’s Report:  Balance unavailable at the time of the meeting (budget considerations to be addressed in January 2014 board meeting).  Account balance is stable, as intended 2013 budget surplus (i.e. savings for future league expansion) reduced by increased court fees, court maintenance costs, and one-time introductory discount for Friday night teams.  However, the East Court rehab fees were substantially offset by the proceeds of the Raffle for Resurfacing and equipment/material donations.  Special “Thanks” to league members Kathy Zak, Cathy Blaszak, Joy Schmieg, and Becky Trullinger for collaborating their resources in planning/executing this event, to Apolloni Vineyards for their portion of the prize donation, and to the league members who supported this fundraiser!

Team Fees:  Motion put forth to raise 2014 season team fees in accordance with expense increases, West Court resurfacing, and savings goals for potential future expansion. Motion passed.



Captain Meeting:  In compliance with PBLA Bylaws an Annual Meeting (aka PBLA Captain’s Meeting) will be held in February 2014.  At this meeting all team Captains will be invited to attend and vote on club matters, make board member/officer nominations, and conduct PBL Board elections for the following year.  A registration meeting (aka PBLA General Meeting) will be conducted after the Captain’s Meeting and within the first quarter of the calendar year.

Friday Night Expansion:  The addition of eight new teams was a success and Friday night play will be continued in the 2014 season.

Schedule:  Board will offer schedule options (beginning and end dates for the season) for the Capos to consider and vote on at the Annual Meeting.

Tournaments:  Board agreed to keep Team and Singles Tournament Finals on the same night (Championship Picnic).  Preferred night for Championship Picnic will be a Friday.

Singles Tournament:  Next year sign up will not be limited to 64, will not have a fee to enter, and will have a PBLA funded award.   Singles Tournament will be headed by Frank Blaszak again.

Court Maintenance:  PBLA Board will evaluate maintenance needs for 2014 and will continue to contract court maintenance.   Potential contractors will be evaluated, including prior contractors, internal candidates, and new candidates.

Court Rehab:  PBLA considered the East court rehab work party a great success thanks to all the team effort and hard work of our league members, as well as the generous donations of resources from Hamish Murray Construction, Ambridge Events Center (Alan Peters and Catherine Leedy), Larry Cereghino, Mike Neish (Bocce e Luce Construction), Dale Johnson (Creative Woodworking), and many others. As with other donors, PBLA will recognize the generosity of Ambridge Event Center for donating equipment and lunches with appropriate thanks on the PBLA Website.



Website:  Glenn Devitt will re-develop and host the PBLA website, including development of an easier way for Capos to report scores and a player database to facilitate direct PBLA emails.  Glenn is also taking on any requests for consideration.  Thanks Glenn!!

PBLA Board Positions:  PBLA Board nominated a tentative slate as follows: Due to the untimely passing of President-elect Jay Trullinger, Adam to continue as acting PBLA President next year.  Phil Schwyhart as Vice President, Josh Rich as MAL.  Brad Cotton expressed interest in board participation, possibly as Treasurer.  Secretary and MAL positions open.  Nomination from the floor and elections of officers will take place at the PBLA Captains Meeting.

Personal Balls:  The use of personal balls for team use during the 2014 regular season will be allowed with the provision that team Capos continue to take responsibility for transferring League Balls in the traditional rotation.  Personal balls must comply with weight and diameter regulations – 107mm (4.25″) diameter and weight of approximately 2 pounds.



Tournaments:  Despite weather issues, 2013 Team and Singles Tournaments were a success.  Championship Picnic was poorly attended, primarily due to weather-related cancellation/rescheduling.  Finals will once-again be played on a Friday night in 2014.

Expansion:  Jack Elder has been in communication with Portland Lawn Bowling and Portland Pétanque Clubs about a possible “Three Sport Competition” in summer 2014.  In this tournament, teams would compete in each of the three “boule” sports – bocce, lawn bowling, and pétanque.  There may be an opportunity for PLBA to expand the Lawn Bowling facility in Eastmoreland Park to include bocce courts.  The “Three Sport” competition may be a good way of taking the first step of a possible space sharing among the clubs.  Jack will be gathering more information and reporting back to PBLA.

Maintenance Committee:  Plans for West Court Rehab in 2014 continue.  Glenn suggested PBLA create a petition to the City to erect a fence around the bocce courts to protect us from errant basketballs from the two hoop courts on North and South sides.

Rules Committee:  Jonathan will draft a new “Rules Of Play” sign to be posted on the courts.

Meeting adjourned, 8:30 PM

Submitted by:  Cathy Blaszak, PBLA Secretary

US Bocce Federation Newsletter Available

The December issue of the United States Bocce Federation newsletter has been published at www.usbf.us/uploads/3/2/4/1/3241175/dec_2013.pdf

Happy holidays from the Portland Bocce League!